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Explanatory notes

The only information available on sculptures made by Meintjes is from the year 1948 as the artist's records of his sculptures are lost, or may be destroyed.

Meintjes indicated the height of his sculptures only. Information on provenance (in most cases first owners only) may be obtained from us by means of e-mail to

Job (Head) Verdite Height 16,5 cm
Ikaros Soap-stone Height 22,5 cm
Fighters Soap-stone Height 36,0 cm
Standing Figure Verdite Height 18,5 cm
The Lonely One 1 Soap-stone Height 42,5 cm
The Lonely One 2 Soap-stone Size unknown
Little Face in the WindVerdite Size unknown
Study of a Head Copper stone Size unknown
Priest's Head Chalkstone Height 12,0 cm
Torso Verdite Size unknown
Pioneer (Cornerstone) Verdite Size unknown
Exhausted Sicilian marble Height 27,5 cm
Eve Wood (Pine) Height 62,5 cm
Dancer Coloured plaster Height 44,0 cm
Ikaros Soap-stone Size unknown
JÚnatan (Sebastiaan) Yellow-wood Height 182,5cm
Three Heads Soap-stone Diameter 5cm
(brooch for Jansje Wissema)
Head with Hands Wood (Teak) Height 27,5 cm


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